Manage the Information Lifecycle with Metadata

Metadata is “data about data” – it tells us what the content is and what characteristics it possesses. Metadata is in use and important across enterprise content management, but many organizations struggle to maintain a functional metadata standard. This Guide will help you create and use a metadata standard that will help you better manage the information lifecycle at your organization.

Governance in the Cloud

Topics: Law Firm Information Governance

There are many reasons to leverage the cloud in a law firm. However, there are also many hurdles to overcome to ensure proper controls are in place to safeguard information and avoid risk. In this white paper, learn how to document associated risks with your intended use of the cloud and take the proper steps for risk mitigation within your information governance plan.

Defensible Disposition Report

Topics: Law Firm Information Governance

Records disposition initiatives have been a challenge for law firms, largely due to potential loss of client service that many attorneys assumed would happen if information were not available for “just in case” situations. But defensible disposition is a critical part of any records and information management program. In this white paper, get guidance on how to implement a defensible disposition program and learn about future opportunities and technology that can help in this process.

Security For Your Evolving Storage Strategy From Preserve To Protect | Iron Mountain
Security For Your Evolving Storage Strategy: From Preserve To Protect

Topics: Data Archive | Store and Protect Information | Cloud Backup

Concerns about data security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance have consistently been the leading inhibitor to enterprise investments in virtualization and use of public cloud infrastructures for enterprise storage solutions. Organizations should appreciate the value of having a common set of capabilities for preserving and protecting their portfolio of digital data.

The Evolution of Digital Data Storage Rolling With The Changes | Iron Mountain
The Evolution of Digital Data Storage Rolling With The Changes

Enterprise storage solutions continue to evolve and innovate—as they must, to keep up with the volume, performance, and convenience demanded by modern businesses and their reliance on digital data. For most organizations, this creates a strategic need to manage digital data lifecycles across a heterogeneous mix of data types, solution categories, and deployment models.