Document Recovery Services Solution Brief

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Business Challenge

There’s a good reason why you keep paper records for as long as you do: They hold the information you need to make sound business decisions, nurture customer relationships and keep your organization operating efficiently. But if the records you rely on to support these and other goals are decaying or damaged, it can significantly hinder your ability to execute new strategies and respond to changing business needs in a timely manner.

If you aren’t storing your information assets in the optimal environmental conditions — or if they’ve been damaged in a disaster — then there’s no telling what state your records will be in when they’re needed most. And if you can’t quickly restore a damaged document, you may be putting your organization’s reputation — and even its very viability — in jeopardy.

What If You Could...

  • Keep your records safe and accessible for the long term?
  • Clean and restore any documents damaged by natural and man-made disasters, contaminants, dust, mold, water or animal infestation?
  • Protect employees from harmful substances that may collect on older records?
  • Provide what’s required for a litigation event — even if the requested documents are damaged?

Recover Safely With Confidence

Iron Mountain® Document Recovery Services provide you with end-to-end support for all of your record restoration needs. By combining our document imaging, storage and destruction capabilities and partnerships with leading record recovery companies, you get a comprehensive means of restoring and protecting your critical information assets for the long term. In the end, this can help you:

  • Recover quickly. Ensure any damaged or contaminated records are effectively cleaned, so they can be put to their intended use without endangering the health and safety of your employees.
  • Stay protected. Store your mission-critical assets in a secure location capable of protecting them from internal and external threats for the long term — while allowing easy accessibility.

Iron Mountain Records Management services include:

  • Restoration and Recovery Services
  • Document Imaging Services
  • Rercords Storage Services
  • Secure Shredding Services

Restoration And Recovery Services

Iron Mountain Document Recovery Services leverage our partnerships with records restoration experts that can help you assess which of your records are in need of recovery, identify what, if any, health and safety hazards exist and provide an inventory of the affected documents.

Once you’re ready to initiate the recovery process, Iron Mountain Document Recovery Services give you preferred access to partners that can clean and decontaminate your documents. This way, you can feel confident that your records have been restored as quickly and effectively as possible, helping you minimize the impact on business continuity.

And because Iron Mountain provides single-source management of all restoration activities, you can rest assured knowing that your records are protected by a secure chain-of-custody throughout the process.

What You Gain…

  • The ability to ensure your records remain secure and accessible for as long as they’re needed
  • The confidence that any damaged documents have been returned to a usable state
  • The peace of mind that contaminants have been removed from your records before they are handled by employees
  • The ability to restore any documents that are needed for litigation within the required timeframe

Document Imaging Services

Our Document Imaging Services enable you to convert your restored documents to an electronic format, helping you increase accessibility across your organization while protecting your critical records from additional harm.

Records Storage Services

To further safeguard your documents, you can rely on our Records Storage Services to provide the network of secure facilities you need to protect your information assets from disasters and harmful contaminants.

Secure Shredding Services

And when the time comes to dispose of any records you no longer need, you can use our Secure Shredding Services to build an onsite or offsite destruction program that helps you destroy information in a compliant, reliable and cost-effective way.

Customer Success

A multinational manufacturing company needed to deliver unidentified, contaminated, decades-old records to support a litigation response. Iron Mountain Document Recovery Services helped the manufacturer remove the records from their current location, clean them in an offsite remediation facility and scan and upload them into its eDiscovery platform.


  • Removed contaminants from the required records
  • Delivered the requested documents within the appropriate timeframe
  • Minimized the potential harm compromised records could cause employees