Cloud Backup | Iron Mountain
Cloud Backup

Are you confident that your organization can quickly restore operations and data after a natural or man-made disaster? Secure cloud backup services help automate and simplify your data backup and disaster recovery processes. Learn more about the advantages of secure cloud backup services.

Data Archive
Data Archive

Data archiving is traditionally used for legal/compliance, eDiscovery, audits and disaster recovery. Today, many companies are leveraging the data archive as a source for analytics and as a new way to monetize information. Learn more about best practices for managing and maximizing your data archive for business value.

Federal Government | Iron Mountain
Federal Records and Information Management

With the introduction of more information formats creating exponential records growth, the need for an evolution of federal records and information management is more critical than ever. Working with Iron Mountain ensures your agency is meeting compliance, freeing up valuable real estate, leveraging industry best practices and saving money in the process.

Financial Services Records Management
Financial Services Records and Information Management

Financial services is constantly evolving to keep pace with regulatory challenges, changes in technology and customer demands. Your financial services records and information management program needs to keep pace as well. Use this section to stay up to date with records management trends and solutions for banks and financial institutions.

Govern Information
Govern Information

How you govern information is a critical component of any records and information management program. Get best practices and insights here on topics including information governance, change management, compliance, retention schedules and defensible destruction.

Health Information Governance
Health Information Governance

Key healthcare industry initiatives, including Meaningful Use and Accountable Care, require providers to manage their information as a strategic asset. In order to do so, they need to formalize an Information Governance (IG) program that supports the lifecycle of clinical and business data. Whether new to the IG journey, or well underway and looking to optimize results, learn recommended best-practice strategies to accelerate enterprise-wide IG adoption.

HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance

As a covered entity, it is important to understand and navigate the changes in HIPAA - and the role of vendors and third parties. Leverage these resources to heighten your awareness of best practices that will aid in compliance and improve the management of both paper and electronic health records.

Information Management Best Practices
Information management: Best Practice Guides

Built on thousands of everyday customer experiences and key insights from industry leaders, these best practice guides and how to manuals provide you with the tools and knowledge to enhance your records and information management program. Discover what’s working for your peers and explore expert tips for success with the resources below.

New thinking
Information Management: New Thinking

Staying on top of the latest trends in information management is the key to setting your organization up for success in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Use the resources below to find out what’s next for records and information management, information governance, analytics and technology.

Optimizing for Electronic Medical Records Transition
Optimizing for Electronic Medical Records Transition

Protecting and having easy access to electronic medical records is crucial to the success of healthcare organizations. Learn how you can improve your electronic medical records system with a faster search and retrieval process, medical records scanning, and other resources below, to enhance the quality of your patient care.

Store and Protect Information
Store and Protect Information

Records and information are the lifeblood of any organization. That’s why it’s important to have a solid strategy to store and protection your valuable information. Find resources in this section on reducing legacy storage, transitioning from paper to digital, making space more productive and outsourcing records and information management.

Secure Shredding

Did you know there is a right and wrong way to securely shred paper? Use these resources to better understand shredding best practices and the full benefits of document destruction done right.

Law firms
Law Firm Information Governance

The adoption of effective information governance (IG) has become critically important to law firms from a compliance, risk management and efficiency perspective. Learn how to effectively implement information governance into a firm’s daily operations.

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Many are discovering the importance (and available storage capacity) of tapes as a backup strategy. The resources below explain how offsite tape vaulting can reduce downtime and help you recover your IT operations efficiently in disaster recovery situations.

Healthcare IT Management

With the explosive growth of healthcare information, you need effective strategies to ensure your information is effectively managed throughout its lifecycle. Whether your information is stored on tape, on disk, or in the cloud, Iron Mountain can help you address your backup, archiving and disaster recovery requirements - so you can know your clinical and business data is protected.

Small Business

Use these resources to discover best practices and read records management success stories from our customers. You might find that refining business processes with Iron Mountain Information Management services can save your firm time and money.

Data Center Management

Move your data center operations to a resilient, energy-efficient facility that is built in accordance with the most stringent regulatory standards. Learn more about your options for data center colocation and data center services with the resources below.

Marketing Fulfillment
Marketing Fulfillment: Best Practices

Your market is changing and your marketing fulfillment programs may not be up to the task. But how do you know where you stand if you don’t have access to the right information and a process for continuous improvement of your fulfillment solution? See the resources below to learn more marketing fulfillment and production best practices from the experts at Iron Mountain.

Pathology Storage Management

Maintaining your slides and blocks can prove difficult – especially as their volume continues to grow. Rather than storing them in suboptimal, expensive real estate, read about options to move your assets offsite to a temperature-controlled, secure environment to protect them for their life cycle. Learn more asset vaulting below.

Technology Escrow

Get the expertise and guidance you need to preserve your most vital assets and retain the integrity of your intellectual property. Learn more about how to maintain your assets using Software Escrow, Software-as-a-Service and other Escrow Verification solutions below.

IT Asset Disposition

Find reliable and environmentally friendly practices to manage, repurpose and dispose of obsolete IT assets. Use the resources below to understand IT Asset Disposition compliance and feel confident in the media destruction services you choose.

Oil and Gas
Oil & Gas Records and Information Management

The explosive growth opportunities within the oil & gas industry have brought about new challenges in records management. Get insight and practical advice on how to efficiently manage your physical and electronic oil and gas records.