Iron Mountain Entertainment Services – Security, Access, Technological Expertise – Now and into the Future

When a film studio, a worldwide media company, or a prestigious academic institution wants to protect and preserve its legacy, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services is the clear choice.

Whether it’s Paramount Pictures, Universal Music Group, the University of Southern California or countless other leading media companies and institutions, they turn to Iron Mountain to protect their most critical assets - and make them accessible for future generations.

Ensuring the Safety and Security of Your Archive

Iron Mountain is committed to an all-encompassing approach to security. From ingestion and cataloging to subsequent preservation and distribution, Iron Mountain has a step-by-step process to ensure complete security. Every security program is customized to each client’s particular needs for access. With Iron Mountain, the security of your archive is governed by strict, proprietary protocols and shaped to the needs of your business.

Learn more about:

» Security for physical assets and our chain-of-custody process.
» Secure digital archiving.
» Future-proofing your assets from media obsolescence.

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Trans World Entertainment
Trans World Entertainment

In the highly competitive entertainment industry, retail stores compete fiercely for customers’ dollars and mind share. Because the LVS at Trans World’s stores offered something to customers that no other store had, management at Trans World knew that it needed to be protected.