For today’s organizations, privacy challenges are not limited to paper-based information. Iron Mountain works with you to protect your organization and your customers’ privacy through our Secure Media Destruction Service, which provides a reliable, secure and environmentally friendly way to dispose of backup tapes, DVDs and other non-paper media.

At Iron Mountain, our Secure Media Destruction Service provides confidence and security by rendering plastic media permanently destroyed and non-recoverable—and by ensuring that final disposition is handled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Choosing Iron Mountain as a trusted provider of secure media destruction can yield many benefits:

  • Destruction of a broad range of plastic media, including CDs, backup tapes, film, photos, badges, disks, X-rays and bank cards
  • Secure transportation of sensitive information
  • Trained and rigorously screened personnel
  • Accountability with a documented workflow
  • An environmentally friendly waste-to-energy incineration process that also ensures complete media destruction

Available on a project basis, our Secure Media Destruction Service uses proprietary Iron Mountain methodologies that ensure reliability and consistency from collection through final destruction.

With our strict security practices, extensive expertise, proven controls and a documented Chain-of-Custody, you can rely on Iron Mountain to deliver upon your media destruction needs.

Iron Mountain is NAID certified for all of the document destruction services (both onsite and offsite) offered by Iron Mountain at each Iron Mountain location in the United States. This does not include Media destruction services, which adhere to Iron Mountain’s internal standards for Secure Media Destruction.