Manage and protect your increasing volume of data with a flat IT budget

IT departments face the complicated challenge of managing daily business demands and protecting the increasing volume of data while IT budget remains flat. You’re constantly looking for new ways to help the business meet strategic initiatives, driving you towards SaaS and cloud solutions for infrastructure. But, how can you fund innovation with a budget that isn’t growing?

Iron Mountain understands your data management challenges. We can help reduce or simplify the total cost of ownership (TCO) tied to maintenance expenses of aging or obsolete infrastructure, while supporting those IT services. We know the importance of keeping business information safe, so as technology changes, we adapt to customer needs. No matter where you store your data, we have solutions that can help — we’re a full service technology agnostic storage and restoration services provider, that can help solve the challenges of protecting, preserving and managing information, in order to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

We can help you:

  • Protect, preserve and recover your critical business content
  • Reduce the cost and burden of data lifecycle management
  • Modernize your backup and recovery processes
  • Restore and access legacy data

Why Iron Mountain

Data protection is our DNA – Processes and data center operations are compliant with Systrust, PCI Level1, HIPAA and HITECH. Our rigorous, defensible chain of custody ensures your data is secure at all times.

World class logistics — Exceeds Six Sigma delivery for more than 69 million pickups each year — monitored by our purpose —built logistics management system.

Your single source to manage and protect your data through its lifecycle:

Information management for IT professionals is what we do – With over 60 years of industry knowledge, we’re trusted by 94% of the Fortune 1000, and we operate in 36 countries at 1,000 locations.