Align Your Records & Information Management program with firm strategic priorities to get a competitive advantage.

We help law firms create roadmaps to align how they manage their information with the larger organizational objectives in a changing legal market. We’ve boiled it down to six key areas requiring investment to meet efficiency, mobile lawyer and compliance demands. Are any of these areas on your priority list?

  • Consolidate for Cost Savings

    Vendor consolidation is a priority for many large firms, who want to house all their holdings under a single umbrella for cost savings and program consistency. Learn how you can reduce the burden of managing multiple contracts for greater control and visibility.
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  • Reduce Your Real Estate Footprint

    Real estate costs are often a firm’s second largest expense. Learn how you can reduce your real estate footprint, enhance efficiencies and mitigate risks by moving more of your files offsite.
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  • Accelerate RIM Contribution

    Drive cost savings, risk mitigation and improve efficiencies within your firm with the help of Iron Mountain records and information management programs.
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  • Defensibly Destroy Legal Records

    Reduce costs by destroying legacy records in your law firm. Iron Mountain’s record destruction services utilize industry best practices to reduce risk and improve efficiencies within your firm.
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  • Digitize For Productive Mobile Users

    Many lawyers work on-the-go and require access to records and information. Meet these demands by using paper-to-digital scanning in your records management processes.
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  • Govern with Confidence

    Information governance programs can help you reduce risk, ensure compliance, and enhance client satisfaction. Learn how IG can help keep clients’ information secure.
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