What if you could cut document storage costs by up to 50%?

Secure Records Storage is an ideal solution for organizations that need to store, protect and manage their information. Iron Mountain’s affordable off-site services reduce the cost of document storage, administration, records retrieval, and transportation. Get a Free Quote »

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How It Works

Iron Mountain makes it easy to move and store your business records offsite. You pack your records, we pick them up and transport them to our secure facility—when you need them back, we return them. It's that easy.

Records storage in three simple steps:

  1. Iron Mountain delivers storage cartons to your location
  2. You pack your records in the cartons
  3. We pick up your cartons and transport them to our secure facility

Next-day, half-day and emergency retrieval services are available, and we can even scan your records and send them back in electronic format. And when you need some or all of your records back, retrieval requests can be quickly and easily made online.

Better Control

Iron Mountain Connect™ is our customer Web portal that provides access to everything you need to manage your business records. Use Iron Mountain  to label, describe, search, locate, and request record retrieval. You’ll have control and access to your information whenever you want it—no need to hunt through file cabinets or go to distant self-store units to search and access your information.


Setting the standard for reliable and secure offsite storage since 1951, Iron Mountain can be counted on for world-class security. Your data is protected in accordance with the Iron Mountain Principles of Global Facility Protection, which include:

  • Intrusion detection and alarm systems
  • Physical access controls
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • 24/7 central monitoring of protection systems

Pay as you go

Iron Mountain’s Records Storage services provide a highly secure, low-cost solution for all types of business records.

Space is valuable and an onsite file room can divert significant financial resources from your operations. Unlike office space or self-storage, Iron Mountain's pay-as-you-go model lets you rent only the space you need as you need it – for upfront and ongoing savings. In addition to freeing up storage space and your staff, customers typically reduce storage costs by 25% to 50% using our high-density records centers.

"Iron Mountain solved my business problem by providing me with top notch records storage at an affordable price with excellent customer service that answers all my questions and resolves my issues quickly and professionally."
— Chris Gunias, Director Records Information Management, Western Union